About Ensueño®

Long-lasting fragrance. Hypoallergenic. Plant-based ingredients.

Ensueño® fabric softener is developed under the highest standards of quality and is manufactured from plant-based ingredients, providing over 35 days of long-lasting fragrance*. In addition, its hypoallergenic formula helps you protect your family’s most sensitive skin.

Worried about sustainability? So are we. All of our softeners have a biodegradable formula that breaks down safely and quickly, without harming the environment.

Ensueño® fabric softener prevents static cling by neutralizing the negative charge on fabrics. Say bye-bye to fabric roll up and hello to soft, fresh-smelling, fluffy laundry.

Choose your favorite scent from our growing family of softeners, including Spring Fresh, Violet Bouquet, Floral, Baby Scent, Summer Fresh- or any of our refreshing Ensueño® Naturaleza aromas with natural extracts, Oatmeal & Almonds and Chamomile & Aloe.

*Ensueño Max only


“This is a great product. Started using it for my newborn but now use on all our laundry. The smell is soothing and amazing. I will no longer use any other fabric softener”


"I finally found a softener that doesn't irritate our skin".


"I tried this when my granddaughter was born because I wanted for her clothes to feel soft it meet all my expectations. Her clothes smell baby fresh and are really soft".


Ensueño® Fabric Softener has the right product for you.

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Keep laundry fresh and bright!

Ensueño® fabric softeners have been integrated with powerful microcaps – a revolutionary technology that guarantees “touch release” freshness, that lasts over 35 days after washing*. A quick rub of the fabric activates the encapsulated fragrance, releasing long-lasting fresh fragrance whenever you need it.

The Ensueño® family of softeners are Hypoallergenic, Color Safe, HE Compatible, reduces static cling and is developed under strict quality standards, formulated to break down safely and quickly, posing no hazard to the environment.

Discover the many benefits of Ensueño Fabric Softener