How long will my Ensueño® fabric softener’s scent last on my clothes? Ensueño® Max fabric softener are specially formulated to last for more than 35 days.

What are the benefits of using Ensueño® fabric softeners? Ensueño® offers Color Safe, a unique formula which keeps colors from fading. In addition, your clothes will have a long lasting fragrance, feel soft to the touch and remain static-free.

How many different kinds of fabric softeners does Ensueño® offer? The Ensueño® family is constantly growing; currently there are seven different scents to choose from: Ensueño® Max: Spring Fresh, Violet Bouquet, Floral, Summer Fresh; Ensueño® Baby; and Ensueño® Natureza: Oatmeal + Almond, Chamomile + Aloe.

Can I use Ensueño® to hand wash my garments? Yes! Simply dilute Ensueño® in water, following the recommended usage on label. Then rinse your clothes with this solution.

Can I use Ensueño® products with a “ball” dispenser? Yes, simply follow the directions of the dispenser you are using.

Will Ensueño® work in my High Efficiency (HE) laundry machine? Yes, Ensueño® is formulated for both HE* and standard washing machines. (*Follow HE washer manufacturer’s instructions for product dispensing.)

Will Ensueño® stain my clothes if I apply it directly to the fabric? Ensueño® should not be applied directly to fabric. If spotting occurs, wet fabric and rub with detergent, rinse or rewash.

How do I use Ensueño® fabric softener? Add Ensueño® according to load size into softener dispenser; or during the final rinse cycle, following recommended usage on the label.

Will using Ensueño® cause damage to the environment? Ensueño® is formulated to break down safely and quickly, posing no hazard to the environment.

Where can I find Ensueño® products? We hope our products are easy to find in your favorite stores, but if you’re having trouble locating a retailer, please visit our Product Locator page, call our customer service line at 1-800-615-3191 or e-mail us at ensueno@alenusa.com.


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