How To

Keep laundry fresh and bright!

Ensueño® fabric softeners can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the life of your clothes. Thanks to its microcapsule technology, *Ensueño® provides more than 35 days of long-lasting freshness and it also offers Color Safe – a unique formula that keeps colors from fading. Clothes smell better, and stay soft and static-free longer.

Add Ensueño® according to load size into the softener dispenser, or during the final rinse following recommended usage on the label (automatic dispensers are typically located in the center of your washing machine).

To hand wash your garments, simply dilute Ensueño® in water and then rinse your clothes with the solution.

To use Ensueño® in any brand’s “ball” dispenser, simply follow the directions that go with the dispenser you are using.

Ensueño® is formulated for both HE* and standard washing machines. (*Follow HE washer manufacturer’s instructions for product dispensing.)


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